Coaching that gives you purpose, accountability and new perspective as you seek to change your corner of the world


Who's it for?

Peter’s coaching is for ambitious, high performing individuals and leaders right around the globe.

It’s for those seeking a coach to help them change their corner of the world and do work that is fulfilling.

It's for those looking to be held accountable and supported as they seek to do the hard part.

It’s for those who want more and are willing to stretch themselves and be challenged.

It’s for those who believe in possibility and change and are seeking to find new perspective.

It’s for creatives, professionals, founders, executives and managers.

It’s for changemakers. It’s for innovators. It’s for curious learners.

If this sounds like you then reach out below. I’d love to chat.

Why Peter?

Common advice is to start before you’re ready, but when you do so the voice of ego can cause you to not take action or, in my case, play small. Working with Pete has been the key to taking those quantum leaps, and I’m blown away by what is possible.

He doesn’t give you the answers but instead challenges you to ruthlessly align with your purpose in every single action thus allowing the solutions to arise and unfold. It’s quite magical.

Pete is innately aware of what I need every step of the way, be it encouragement, candid feedback, or a fresh perspective; his commitment to my “success” has given me the space to flourish.

Since working with Pete I’ve experienced more joy in my day to day life because I’m showing up to my purpose more fully than ever and you cannot put a price on that.
— Analisa Leaming, Creator and Performer
I have been working with Peter for the last 6 months. It has been the absolute greatest gift I could give myself. My view of the world and my place in it has truly expanded, and as a result, I’m doing work that is incredibly meaningful and fulfilling.

Many people come to coaching because they are having a hard time or are feeling stuck. My story is different. I met Peter when I was feeling totally inspired by the work I was doing and was ready to scale my vision.

To be clear, Peter is simply a coach. He is not a life coach. He is not a career coach. He is not a creative coach. He is simply and wholly a coach - someone who asks you provocative questions, holds you up and shows you the beautiful possibilities that lie ahead, and then helps you to apply your already developed skills and talents to carve a path forward toward your new vision for the future.

Working with Peter is a lot of work. It is an investment of time and energy and money. And I’m telling you, it is worth it.
— Jen Waldman, Founder and Director
Pete towers over many peers of all vintages, both physically (he’s quite tall) and metaphorically. He thinks about concepts, ideas and stories in a way few others do, and during any discussion he will continually challenge your thinking and try to nail you to your purpose (metaphorically, not physically). His thirst for knowledge can be both inspiring and tiring, and his approach to collaboration is among the best I’ve experienced in two decades of corporate marketing, sales and product roles.
— Richard Wilkins, Director of Product and Marketing
Peter is an effective operator and connector. He has a good understanding of both the technology and education industries. He has a deep understanding of the importance of understanding your customer and the market around you. A pleasure to work with.
— Riley Batchelor, CEO and Founder
Peter was instrumental in me hitting personal and business goals. His coaching style really helped me get out of my own way and achieve more than I thought possible.
— Matthew Guy, Director and Partner