Human Periscope

Helping you see things you can’t so that you can change your corner of the world.



1:1 and group coaching that provides creativity, accountability and new perspective as you continue to change your corner of the world.

Working with Pete is quite magical. 

He is innately aware of what I need every step of the way, be it encouragement, candid feedback, or a fresh perspective; his commitment to my “success” has given me the space to flourish. 

Since working with Pete I’ve experienced more joy in my day to day life because I’m showing up to my purpose more fully than ever and you cannot put a price on that.”
— Analisa Leaming - Creator & Performer
Working with Pete has been the greatest gift I could give myself.

My view of the world and my place in it has truly expanded, and as a result, I’m doing work that is incredibly meaningful and fulfilling.

He asks you provocative questions, holds you up and shows you the beautiful possibilities that lie ahead, and then helps you to apply your already developed skills and talents to carve a path forward toward your new vision for the future.
— Jen Waldman - Founder & Thought Leader
Peter is a life changer.

His empathy, kindness, sense of humor and unwavering belief in his clients sets him apart. He is able to inspire his clients to be proactive, curious, empathetic, and discerning.

Peter listens and supports with a full heart and sharp mind, and he helped unlock the potential and magic in me. I am forever grateful for working with him.
— Priya Mahendra - Actress & Changemaker
Where do I even begin with Peter Shepherd? What an amazing human being.

As a business owner, author, and speaker, it’s critical that I stay energized and thinking. Brainstorming and strategizing with Peter has been a game-changer. His gift is that he asks the right questions and helps find the answers that are within you.
— Kristen Hadeed - Founder, Author & Thought Leader



Engaging and thought provoking talks relating to creativity, leadership and empathy for leaders, teams and organisations around the world.

Pete is an engaging speaker, using humour and storytelling to bring his topics to life.

Our staff really connected with the concept of ‘seek to understand’ in order to use empathy and build connection with our clients.

Thanks for a memorable session Pete!
— Martinique Diss - Learning & Development at Transport Accident Commission
Hearing perspectives of people who are not necessarily in your field of work helps create a new environment for learning.

The amazing Peter Shepherd facilitates with empathetic ease! What a joy!
— Alie B Gorrie - Co-Producer of Able


Author, Entrepreneur and Teacher, Seth Godin 

A Facebook Live interview talking all things coaching, creativity and altMBA.

The Daily Talk Show with Josh Janssen and Tommy Jackett

Including Episode 276 riffing on coaching, authenticity and podcasting.

And Episode 107 discussing altMBA, personal brand and a quarter life crisis.

The You Project with Craig Harper

Including Episode 108 riffing on coaching, stories and empathy.

And Episode 115 unpacking imposter syndrome, leadership and empathy.

Studio Time Podcast

With Matthew Carey, unpacking creativity, imposter syndrome and creating change.

People Like Us Podcast

With Covington Doan, discussing the altMBA.

How do you know? Podcast

With Andra Zaharia, discussing empathy bridges, curiosity and decision making.


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Peter Shepherd is a human periscope: helping others see things they can't so that they can change their corner of the world.

He has coached, presented to and collaborated with hundreds of leaders, executives and creatives around the globe, helping them: be better leaders, navigate change, build startups, create products, launch podcasts and redesign business, culture and marketing strategies.

As a Head Coach in Seth Godin’s altMBA, Peter also leads a team of coaches from right around the world who have helped thousands of leaders take the online workshop that’s transforming higher education.

PS. His initials.
PPS. Peter once read you should write bios in the third person. He remains unconvinced.