The Reveal Lab


A six-week online lab for creatives and artists looking to make change

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Meaningful change

You want to create it.

In yourself and in those around you.

Maybe you don’t have complete clarity on what it looks like (yet), but deep down you know you’re a change maker.

Someone who sees possibility. Someone who oozes generosity. Someone who, as Seth Godin would say, is a Purple Cow.

You’re ready to challenge the status quo and roll up your sleeves.

“People don’t change because you tell them to they change because they fall in love with a different version of the future.”

Specifically, you might be: keen to share your gifts with more people, eager to challenge yourself and find new edges, seeking a safe space to creatively thrash, wrestling with doubt, fear and imposter syndrome, thirsty for feedback from someone not in your bubble, growth minded, curious and creative, wanting to meet and collaborate with other inspiring creatives and artists or all of the above.

The thing about creating meaningful change is, people don’t change because you tell them to they change because they fall in love with a different version of the future.

So the question is: what version of the future are you going to create?

When you are ready to make more change and be changed, head to The Reveal Lab with the Human Periscope!
— Chad
Reveal is a place to work through “the hard part” in order to move forward.

The supportive, community atmosphere Pete creates supports the individual and group as a whole and encourages each member of Reveal to build momentum.
— Alie B

The learning model

It’s a six week, online lab that will change your posture using the following learning model.

Weekly labs

Weekly labs

90min Zoom calls focussed on a weekly theme.

Expect hard questions, real time feedback and thrashing and ridiculous team photos.

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24/7 Community

For coaching, accountability, feedback, celebrating, thrashing and resource sharing.

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Individual coaching and feedback from Pete

Designed to help you move your projects forward.


You’ll learn about…

Untitled design.png
  • Getting clarity in who and what your work is for

  • Creativity and ideation

  • Handling ambiguity

  • The mindset of a pro

  • Giving and receiving quality feedback

  • Cultivating empathy

  • Navigating fear, doubt and imposter syndrome

  • Using constraints to your advantage

  • Setting goals

  • How you can support each other

  • Words like thrashing, noodling and riffing


Do you feel that little knot in your stomach? Perfect. That means you’re right where you’re meant to be…

The Reveal Lab absolutely changed my life.

Peter’s unique perspective and approach gave me the tools and the confidence to make some huge changes that have led to an incredible amount of progress in a short amount of time. My path forward feels much clearer than when I began The Lab, and I feel encouraged, inspired, and full of creativity.
— Lili
Clarity, specificity, and heart are just some of the lovely things you can expect when working with Peter.

He is as generously willing to encourage and nurture, as he is to set boundaries, open your eyes, and reveal your biggest fears.
— Lawson

Let’s talk specifics

A six week online Lab capped at 15 people

Option 1 - Base:

  • 6 themes, each designed to stretch you and provoke new perspective

  • 6 x 90min community online video calls
    (Monday @ 7pm ET)

  • Weekly projects and homework to make your learning actionable

  • Individual feedback and coaching

  • 24X7 Online Hub for coaching, community discussions and resource sharing

  • US$1,450 US$920
    (Because you were sent here by someone I admire)

Option 2 - Pro:

  • Everything in Base

  • 3 X 30min 1:1 coaching calls

  • US$1,960 US$1,330
    (Because you were sent here by someone I admire and you’re ready to stretch even more)

(Payment plans can be arranged)

Want to learn even more?

Hear Pete talk about The Reveal Lab on the Studio Time podcast.

Watch Pete talk all things coaching, creativity and learning with Seth Godin…


Still not convinced?

Peter is fun, funny, ridiculously smart, and also a great listener, a challenging coach, and a passionate human, dedicated to the betterment of his clients. I loved Reveal so much that I’m now participating in the follow up monthly lab and coaching with Peter monthly.
— Jenna P
Pete is a person you want to have stand by you and support you. He has an incredible ease about him that makes you feel comfortable and you have no choice but to fully go for it. The Reveal lab is just the beginning of a new life.
— Joanne

Ready to change your corner of the world?